ME Networks is now a Multiven distributor for all Multiven services. We are proud to become a Multiven premium reseller.
We now can offer you elite high end independent services on your new and existing network equipment. Our business unit ME Services will be responsible for the Multiven distribution.

With Multiven you now have the choice to maintain your network device without an vendor contract like smartnet or carepack for example. We will give you the same service and more!

Internet Network Software & Hardware Maintenance, Management and Cyber-Defence. We secure the network, for all vendors, up to 50% discount of their price. We improve performances.

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Rotterdam by Cisco’s former Technical Leader for IOS, Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Multiven is the world’s only  manufacturer-independent provider of software management, maintenance and  cyber-defense services for all the hardware that make up the Internet’s infrastructure.

Today, Multiven is the world’s first, and only manufacturer-independent provider of software maintenance and cyberdefence services for all the hardware that runs the world’s Internet networks.

Multiven services are powered by its ground-breaking proprietary technology-enabled AI service engine -mySolvr, which leverages the intelligence of 1,200 of the world’s most brilliant Internet experts in 55 countries.

Our Why !

What are you looking for in a independ service partner? This is why ME Networks choose Multiven.
What are you looking for ?

  • Better and easier managment
  • One contract-flexible contract
  • Lifetime software support
    No end of life support
  • Save up to 50%
  • 24/7
  • Global footprint
  • AI Engine
  • Direct contact 2 engineer
  • Next business day hardware replacement up to 4hr SLA
  • Secure network
  • Available in 140 countries-465 cities
  • More than 1200 engineers

OUR Offer!

With Multiven & ME Services you now have choice next to vendor support, we offer software & hardware maintenance for a fair price, the choice is yours!

There are 3 levels of cover that we offer:

  • 24x7 Direct-2-Expert™️ technical support
  • Advanced software support
  • Software bug fixes updates
  • Multiven network collaboration portal
  • 8x5xNBD hardware replacement
  • 24x7x4 hour hardware replacement
  • Pearl Lite
  • Pearl
  • Pearl CPS


  • Manage devices & tasks
  • Mass device import
  • Mass device export
  • Unlimited device profile
  • Admin account tools


  • 24x7 multivendor TAC support
  • Software support
  • Advanced hardware replacement
  • Internet knowledge base
  • Org-wise tasks collaboration


  • Org-wide devices update
  • Device visibility
  • Task visibility
  • Activity updates
  • Tasks resolution

Exclusive offer!

As an exclusive offer to all of our valued customers, we are giving away 1 year of free Pearl Lite support on every new Cisco switch, router, firewall, acces point you buy from us.

Upon us providing you access to the Multiven portal you will be able to get advanced software support and software bug fix updates, plus 24x7 technical support should you ever have an issue with your device. You can upgrade to Pearl (8x5 NBD hardware replacement) or Pearl CPS (24x7x4 hardware replacement) at any time.

This offer is only for end-users, not for resale