IP Network Installation

At ME Networks, our specialist engineers offer a full range of IP network installation services. For over 10 years our consultants have been designing, installing, updating, and maintaining wide and local area IP networks for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The benefits of a professional IP network installation
Whether you are rolling out a whole new system to take advantage of the latest developments in network hardware and architectures, or modifying or extending an existing IP network, ME Networks can ensure that your network is installed professionally and optimized for performance, security, longevity, and cost.

Choosing between using in-house expertise or outsourcing the project is a key decision that should be made early on.

One of the first things to consider is the level of in-house expertise available within your organization. If your IT staff have minimal (or no) experience in IP network installation, then it is unreasonable to expect a fast, cost-effective, and optimally performing IP network installation from them. At ME Networks, our engineers specialize in network installation. When you bring to the table the experience of hundreds of WAN and LAN installations spanning years of hardware, software, and architectural developments, cost reduction and increased efficiency inevitably follow.

Problem-free installation and optimal configuration

When you use ME Networks for your network installation, we are committed to a problem-free installation and optimal configuration of your network. By using your own resources for the project, if things go wrong (sometimes after days, weeks, and months of planning) it can often be back to the drawing board, adding drastically to the true cost of the installation.

Another factor to consider when choosing whether to go in-house or outsource is the system architecture. All too often, an in-house team will swot up on the fundamentals of IP network installation and roll out a system that works. But without in-depth cutting edge expertise and a thorough understanding of the options available, the network can be underperforming, and very often-using unnecessary (or unnecessarily expensive) hardware; again, this drastically adds to the true cost of the installation. At ME Networks, we ensure that your architecture is long-lasting and easily scalable.

For over fifteen years, we have been providing optimal IP network installation services for networks involving a few users to complex nationwide networks with hundreds of users. We guarantee to meet the exact specifications agreed upon in terms of cost, deadline, functionality, and performance. This gives our clients full control of their budgets and allows forward planning with greater clarity.

If you are interested in talking to us about our IP network installation services, then please call us on +31 (0) 88 1500 400 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can do to meet them. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch via email at support@menetworks.eu