Cisco Switches deliver Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switching with key features like Power over Ethernet (PoE), energy efficiency and network diagnostics for seamless integration into the rest of the network. Through information sharing and resource allocation, Cisco switches save money and increase employee productivity.

The LAN switches of Cisco Catalyst and Nexus campus are flexible in scale and port speed. Our fixed and modular, core and access LAN switches are designed for a whole new era of network architecture. Now your network can learn, adapt and evolve. View the Cisco range.
Cisco LAN Access Switches 2960, 2960C, 2960, 2960, 2960, 2960, 3560, 3560, 3560, 3560, 3560, 3550, 3750, 3750
Cisco LAN Core & Distribution Switches 3850, 4500, 4500-X, 6500-E, 6800
Cisco Data Center Switches 4948, 4948E, 4900M, 4500-X, Nexus 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000, 9000